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Two-Tier Pet Backpack


Ibiyaya's Double Dog-Cat Carrier Backpack 







The Two-Tier Pet Carrier Backpack is an innovative pet carrier designed to enhance the outdoor experience for pet owners and their small to medium-sized pets. This product stands out for its unique two-pet system, allowing for the comfortable transportation of either two small pets or one medium-sized pet. This Ibiyaya Two dog-cat backpack for two cats is an ideal solution for pet owners who enjoy hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities with their furry companions.


Design and Functionality

Convertible Two-Tier System


The double dog backpack carrier's most notable feature is its convertible two-tier system. Each tier can independently hold a small pet, with a combined weight limit of 12kg (26.5lbs), or it can be converted into a single larger space for a medium-sized pet. This flexibility of the double cat backpack carrier makes it suitable for a variety of pet sizes and types, including cats, small dogs, and even bunnies.

Material and Build




Constructed from wrinkle- and abrasion-resistant fabric, the backpack for two cats-dogs is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. It weighs 2.5kg (5.5lbs) and measures L39 W29 H56 cm (L15 W11 H22 in), providing ample space for pets to sit, stand, and move comfortably.



Comfort and Safety

Ergonomic Design


The 2 cat backpack is ergonomically designed to distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on the pet owner's back and shoulders. This design ensures comfort during extended periods of use.


Ventilation and Accessibility


Each tier has its own ventilation system, ensuring that pets have a comfortable and breathable environment. The backpack or 2 cats also features easy-access openings, allowing pets to be placed in and taken out with ease.


Safety Features


Safety is a priority with the Ibiyaya Two-Tier Backpack. It includes safety tethers and removable pads for each compartment, ensuring pets are secure and comfortable during travel.



Additional Features


  • Warranty: Ibiyaya pet travel product comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, reflecting its durability and quality.

  • Customer Reviews: Users have praised the two dog-cat carrier backpack for its sturdiness, practicality, and comfort, both for pets and owners.




The Ibiyaya Two-Tier Cat-Dog Travel Backpack is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovative pet care solutions. Its versatile design, coupled with its focus on comfort and safety, makes it a top choice for pet owners who seek a reliable and comfortable way to include their pets in outdoor adventures. Whether for a leisurely walk in the park or a challenging hike, this double dog carrier backpack offers a convenient and enjoyable way for pets and their owners to explore the world together.






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