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Eva 5in1 Small Pet Stroller

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The "EVA 5in1 pet stroller" is a product designed for transporting pets in a convenient and comfortable manner.


General overview of what a "5in1 pet stroller" from the EVA brand based on common features found in similar products:



  1. Stroller: A pet stroller is a wheeled carrier that allows you to push your pet around comfortably, similar to a baby stroller. It provides a secure and enclosed space for your pet while allowing them to enjoy the outdoors without walking.

  2. Five-in-One Functionality: The "5in1" in the product's name likely refers to multiple functions or features incorporated into the pet stroller. These features can include:

    • Pet Stroller: Regular stroller mode for leisurely walks.
    • Small Pet Backpack Carrier: A detachable small pet backpack carrier or travel crate for transporting your pet safely in a car or other vehicle.
    • Pet Car Seat Booster : The stroller might be convertible into a car seat, allowing you to secure it in a vehicle with your pet inside.
    • Pet Suitcase with wheels: This refer to the pet carrier with wheels perfect for vacation travel even via airplane and ferry boat.
    • Pet Sling : A portable carrier bag that can be used separately from the stroller. Young pet owner enjoys to bring their pet using sling bag.
  3. Materials: The stroller is likely constructed from durable materials, including a sturdy aluminum frame and a combination of EVA environment friendly-fabrics that provide ventilation and comfort for your pet.

  4. Ventilation and Visibility: Pet strollers typically feature mesh windows or panels that provide ventilation for your pet and allow them to see their surroundings while being protected from insects and the elements.

  5. Safety: The stroller is likely designed with safety features such as secure closures, safety theters, and brakes and wheels auto-lock system.

  6. Portability: Many pet strollers, especially those with multiple functions, are designed to be easily foldable and portable for storage and transport.

  7. Size and Weight Capacity: Pet strollers come in various sizes to accommodate different breeds and sizes of pets. Eva 5in1 pet stroller-carrier combo is perfect for all small breed dog, cats, rabbit and even duck.




It's important to note that product features and details may vary based on the specific model and version of the EVA 5in1 pet stroller. Always refer to the manufacturer's product description (Ibiyaya) and user manual for accurate and up-to-date information. When choosing a pet stroller, consider your pet's size, comfort, and safety, as well as your intended use and travel needs.

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