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Ibiyaya is a pet travel company that excels in pet carriers, strollers, backpack, pet travel accessories, and pet furniture. The Ibiyaya pet stroller-carrier is designed for carrying pets securely and pleasantly. Ibiyaya offers a selection of pet carriers to accommodate varied pet sizes, travel demands, and fashion styles.

Ibiyaya pet carriers often have the following features:






  1. Safety: All Ibiyaya products are designed to ensure the safety of pets during travel, often including secure closures, ventilation panels, and reinforced construction.

  2. Comfort: Ibiyaya pet carriers prioritize comfort for pets with soft cushioning, breathable materials, and ergonomic designs.

  3. Portability: Ibiyaya pet carriers are designed to be easily portable, and features like padded handles or adjustable shoulder straps for convenient carrying.

  4. Ventilation: Proper ventilation is important for pet to ensure comfort when traveling. Ibiyaya carriers often include mesh panels or windows to ensure adequate airflow.

  5. Visibility: Some Ibiyaya carriers include transparent or semi-transparent windows, allowing pets to see their surroundings and their owners to monitor them.

  6. Travel Accessories: Some Ibiyaya carriers may come with additional features like detachable wheels, telescopic handles, or convertible designs that allow them to function as both carriers and strollers.

  7. Durability: Ibiyaya products are typically constructed with durable materials to withstand the rigors of travel and everyday use.





Ibiyaya pet carriers can come in various sizes, styles, and designs to suit different types of pets, from small dogs and cats to larger animals. They are suitable for trips to the vet, travel, walks, and other outdoor activities where you need to transport your pet safely and comfortably.


When considering an Ibiyaya pet carrier or any pet product, it's important to read reviews, check for features that meet your needs, and ensure that the carrier is appropriate for your pet's size and temperament. Always prioritize your pet's safety, comfort, and well-being when selecting a carrier.




The ibiyaya  pet stroller is known for multi-functional pet product.

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